Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Le Bambole & the secret tales

What I wait most for in Milan is the antique market at naviglio that gets me so excited I can hardly stop smiling, like wise flea markets are small treasure islands. Every object has a story to tell! In Bombay its chor bazaar (thieve's market) in london I love  camden town... old boots, tins, toys, keys.. selling anything that one can probably not think of.

There's always a common string that runs through most of these markets I've visited, and what catches my fancy is 'dolls'! 
Everyone has played with dolls.. some of them leave them behind and some like me never tire of them.. and each doll carries a story. More than only a chronological history, they have emotions and tales to them.

 Camden town (London)
These by far are the most queer and unfamiliar objects I noticed scattered all over chor bazaar.
They're doctor dolls, I wonder if you know what I'm talking of!

The spares.. doll's eyes at naviglio (Milano)all colors of eyes for sale, neri, verdi, blu..!! hah

Flea/antique markets are chic and the objects, buyers and sellers are equally curious!! Its a treat! and I really have that smile glued on right through :)