Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Started...

I created this blog a while ago after quite a bit of thinking and getting about learning how to create it which is not always as quick and easy as the google instructions.
So when I was finally done, I was tired and kept thinking of where to start or what do focus this blog on. (am sure other bloggers have faced a similar situation)
Thoughts shooting through my mind on various subjects, issues, objects, concepts..

Crunchyblackant is not just about wearing fancy clothes that drop down, its an entire process, a process that evolves with my environment, my growth where I am and what I express.
I don't really enjoy using the word fashion as its highly over estimated or under-estimated or maybe purely just a hackneyed word. I'd rather like to call it wearable design with character.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Being!

Color to me is something that goes deep into my skin and it runs through my veins.
I'm Indian by origin and I feel that it is the very soul of my Indian-ness, not just seeing a colorful country, its the color of its very soil, people, food, turbans, color codes are the very beginning and end of our social being. That's where it begins, my story and passion for color. I don't just color it all up just cause i see a herd of color, I don't see color as a herd, I see it as having an identity and each identity creating the character of the herd.