Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Wheels!

I didn't think machines would find their way to this blog,  ok not cars at least! Two little beauties - a Vee-dub beetle & a Topolino stole my heart, perched neatly side by side, pretty as you please.  There was a run coming up over the weekend.
And so on a hot Sunday morning I was at this Vintage car rally, watching Bombay's old gold driving up to a hill town close by.
I thought it'd be an interesting opportunity to spot folks in vintage attire with their cars. The Parsis sometimes come out togged in period costumes & jewels. Not many this time, but the cars were  fascinating .. better than the new toys on roads today. I mean they had an identity, individuality & character. They had style. And they had expressions (yes, still talking of the cars).  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Must-ASH-io Moda

Each time I dig into my photo-box I manage to get out something new.
This time the crazy mustache 'design' and ash smeared bodies has me amazed at how Indian moda sticks to a definite style and innovates with such ease!

Polka dotted turban, a wild mustache & the red highlight!

Visible inspiration! yes I'm sure you have a smile pasted or having a good laugh.

 The Ash men

 I love the silhouette; bulky head and minimal tapering torso.

Funk Monks!