Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strung Hats!

I fell upon this most delightful cluster of lamps at a vintage store in Florence, they're hats of all kinds strung from the ceiling. Thought it'd be appropriate with this post as I've been hat spotting!

Its interesting how people react to the camera or to a stranger coming up to them to ask if they could be taken a picture of.  I find it a great experience of human contact and exchange even for those few seconds. All of you people featured on my blog I've loved something about your way, for me to have you here. Siete belle e avete un stile personale e interesante.


  1. I love your posts & pictures because they are up close & personal, is what makes them special. Your own comments often draw my attention to a detail that I could miss. Did I say thank you for sharing? :)

  2. Ohh thankyou so much!! Sometimes I don't know if i'm writing too much or too little it depends on how people grasp but I guess everyone has a different perspective and observation.