Thursday, November 24, 2011

La Fiera di Pushkar..

So much to share about Pushkar, it spills over into a second post..
Food, people, costume, faith, rituals, tolerance, an intact culture and the hippy-ness of settlers from other lands. Temple bells & Bob Marley juxtaposed; apple crumble, tarts & cakes on a cart; Dali & Kikasso, India's Picasso, the chutzpah.

Gal watching! 
This handsome Rajasthani was soaking in the sun & getting an eyeful of damsels passing by! Blissfully unaware till someone nudged him, 'settle your whiskers, you're being clicked.'

There's something alike in the man & his beast; can't say what but I felt the men even walked like camels & they were as unflappable.

Scientific/comfortable Indian clothing (I like how it contrasts with the next picture)

I don't know if this gets you between the eyes, those pants, they were   b-l-i-n-d-i-n-g. Daring, I'd say, but then who's afraid of color in India!

Food for everyone! Like I said, the sense of sharing was a lesson for us city folk.

Ram Ram sa! Ram Ram sa! they chanted as they circumambulated the town until the swollen moon shone bright.

I used to work with an Italian design house crazy about 'fluo' colors, they could never quite get enough of 'fluo'; this would be their 'fluo' paradiso!

The urban encroach dilutes the style they know best.

'Behroopiya Dusroopiya'
You've got to pay to photograph this little costume artist for his painstaking Shiva avatar!

Tea in traditional clay cups (kulhar); frugal pleasures of Indian chai!

The sun sets on the cattle fair!


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  3. love the shades of the life depicted here.
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