Monday, February 14, 2011

At the Fiera! Mumbai!

Mumbai/Bombay is home to the crowds, trains, smells, horns, the Bollywood demi-gods and to the almost extinct Parsi community.
Much of its beauty lies in its colonial architecture -- goth in style, which is part of the older quarters of the city. To me the post-'Raj' architecture and city planning is a disaster, in bad taste and shabby ... in the pits. Soaring skyscrapers that pose like design peaks are quickly replacing old mills and houses that once formed part of the city & its character. Mumbai still fights for survival, to save its art and culture.
The older quarter of the city plays host to an art and culture festival with much opposition from government bodies; the Kalaghoda arts festival finally managed to take off this year as well and I happened to be in the city.
There were surging crowds and way too many shutterbugs; to my surprise quite a weak sense of identity and style was evident; however there were a few interesting sights that traveled a long way here and I'd like to share these with you.

The Village folk were doing  great with their array of color  and comfortable culture clothing.

Color Pop! Funky cell phone cover to add to the dainty lady.

Ethno-chic silhouette!
They have the style, color and the expression & the depth!

The innocence is heart-rending at the fun-filled puppet show!

Color Blast!! Cheerful delight!

Ethno-Kitsch.. ancora!

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