Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fashion "AGES"!

Fashion "AGES" the pun well intended in the title of this post is about how fashion ages and how different ages carry fashion. Its interesting to watch how the "Donne Milanese" never let their fashion fade and also how the "bambine" and "ragazze" develop and grow with it.

(Translations could be found at the end of this page if needed--- Traduzioni รจ stato trovato alla fine di questa pagina se necessario)

 This 'Signora Milanese' is about 75 years old charming and in style going window shopping.
 Love the cheerful graphic print this 'Bambina' has on her trench.
 La Nonna e Bimba both in style!
 Love her confident style and color coding!!
Voila!! Another fashionable donna I see the color coding quite an important detail, that women this age pay quite some attention to, coordinating whether striking contrasts or subtle co-ordinates.
Love the hot Pink trench and the pearls for the delicate touch!
 Chic short crop well colored!
Signora Milanese in her winter fur coat, such 'must haves' in every signora's wardrobe, the delicate lace peeping out from under softens this robust Italiana.
Yes I told you every signora this age owns one of those! :) I like the color she's added to hers!
 Teen-'age' Fashions!! I don't think I need to say much!
The 'hello kitty' victims! but age is no barrier with them! This sure looks like it will age though!

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  1. See the fun doesn't set with the sun!
    Happy to be photographed, thank you.
    Nice cross-section of fashionistas you've got here; fashion bridges the generation-gap I see.

  2. yes so true!! Thank-you for your wonderful comment!

  3. loved all your clicks.. well captured dear. way to go!

  4. Thank you I hope you enjoy the blog!