Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 'gay' Pope!

This maybe a gruesome sight for some, from the straight world but its a cause that they (homosexuals) take to the streets for, how they do it.. well this is how! 
I find it quite ironic to find the gay pride and the 'gay' pope in Italia since its the  seat of Christianity (its like having a gay pride in Varanasi) Much to my surprise I've never heard anyone bad mouth the pope and the church as much as the Italians. A Roman friend of mine would swear at the pope every single day I met her.
My own visit to the Vatican didn't leave me in awe but rather in a sort of speechless disgust at the churches fiscal flamboyance.
Anyway this post is not really about the 'church' but rather a gay pride and how it unravels fashion even if it does shout out loud to the church!

 The 'gay' pope!

 Ooo I love that look!

Disco Drag Queen!!
The pink boys call themselves the 'pornflakes'

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