Friday, February 4, 2011

...Alright I'm back with the third sub-trend under "Synthesized Synergism"
What is so interesting about these fashion trends are that they're real trends from the streets from real people doing real everyday fashion.

Sub-trend 3:   Back to the Future

Fairy Shrimps

An organic inspiration of the title which is a creature that swims on its back and uses its legs to filter food particles (pun intended on the title “fairy”) The fairy shrimps are a category that are inspired by the past but in a whimsical manner.
Human behaviors which are similar to the behavioral pattern of this creature, and it's like swimming on one’s back, in a 'fairy' like way. 
   Vintage Vanity
  I have ofcourse launched a similar trend before doing a short analysis calling it 're-vived history' 

Vintage vanity is represented through an individualistic attitude and personality. It’s a hunger for a new world of fantasy based on the nostalgic dreams of the past.

Mix of modern music, fantasy stories, world of animation and a desire to be somebody else. To portray an image of vintage vanity victim.

The vintage vanity people have similar recognizable elements which are common among them and easily identifiable. The garments or/and accessories look straight out of grandma’s closet, from a vintage costume cupboard… or just theatrical & from another era. 

Falsification of retro by using the outer recognizable elements, silhouettes and simple shapes which are easily recognisable and relate to the specific era and style, more commonly used periods of fashion style are the 50’s to the 80’s, since possibilities of recreating these eras are easier. Simple and characteristic shapes, colors and accessories and also the lines which are the main value of each style can be easily recreated in our days not only by using authentic clothing from each period, but by using modern elements for recreating these past styles by copying the main elements. Here emerges the trend “retrofication”!

The character of Milan is so marked because of this array of styles that make the city so cosmo. There are not only clones of a dictated style walking through the streets but statements. Yes we do feel the presence of Armani in Milano and that’s what keepsthe style so sanely “Milanese”. 

Still, what really fascinates me on the streets of Milan and has me awestruck at times is the juxtaposition of Gothic, Roman and Neoclassical architecture with contemporary graffiti in harmony with each other.
The best sighted example of this to me is the columns of San Lorenzo. On one side there are these ancient Roman columns and bang opposite  is the most beautifully done graffiti.

 Milano ti amo!!

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