Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re-collecting Milano!

Synthesized Synergism

Cool hunting in Milan is indeed interesting and putting together a series of these images and analyzing and discovering new trends that are existent and emerging has been fun and work!
Since I've been working on this for a while now and After two seasons of cool hunting the principal trend that emerged is called synthesized synergism this would lay more emphasis,or in a way be better than just calling it the contamination of styles. Contamination would solely be like dirtying the purity of a culture, it would have a negative connotation or impact as a term for styles. But the synergy of these styles whether it is other cultures affecting Milanese styles or where it is to do with 2 or more opposite elements, materials etc that eventually give rise to a new style. These trends spotted have been given appellations. The principal trend has three main categories  of styles which are:
1 Wandering Jewels- this trend is to do with accessory and jewellery trends
2 Color Codes- clearly the name of the trend suggests what this trend is about.
3 Back to the Future- this category of trends is with reference to general styles and details that are inspired by fashions of the past.

These trends have further analysis and sub-trends under these categories:
Sub-trend one:Wandering Jewels
       Sweet Sensuality
An innocent sensuality is the core of this trend.
The ironic play with sensuality and childish playful elements, for .eg., an accessory which is a pair of hand cuffs combined with a candy colored child like accessory.
Kidadult: the sociological term applied to adults who want to style themselves like kids, but this trend has a twist to it, that of having a sensual element too to the kidadultness.

Androgynous Liberty
There are no more strict LOCs between the opposite sexes, no rules in fashion, what is feminine or masculine, genders have  lost their place in fashion. Absolute freedom in choice of fashion elements, there are no norms to adhere to gender.

 Ethno Kitsch
The Ethno Kitsch is a group that uses cultural references from crafts and styles but gives it a modern interpretation.
The Rasta influence also coming from eastern and South American cultures, the dread locks and natural-fibered clothing.
   Sub-trend Two : Color Codes
   Synthetic Synergy

Synergy: The interaction or co-operation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Materials: synthetic plastic and rubber- like materials and colors.
Synthetic synergy because the forms are organic but the color application to these forms is very synthetic, and the synergized effect of this combination of form and color is an emergence of the trend “synthetic synergy”
Bright color accents and solid colors of accessories and also hair color.

   Visual Sound
  Every color has as much an effect on people as music; color harmonies express themselves with the use of lines and making color compartments  with patterns to form a harmony.

Sola Kroma
  The use of monochromatic tones from ensembles, accessories to hair color. Color tones are maintained giving a monochromatic color effect.

to be continued...



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