Friday, January 14, 2011

Accessories Accentuated!

" Little interesting stuff that makes the BIG difference!"
Accessories really accentuate the interest value of any dressing. Large flowers, colors, forms, ear accessories, eye wear are the little interesting stuff that make the BIG difference!

The HEAD (Accessories)
The BIG PINK flower looks lovely especially cause its so well co-ordinated with the pink spots.

The Green earring adds the perfect accent to the subtle colors of her clothes!
That little Bee how happy must she be :) its a great accent to the dread locks!
 The popular ethnic horn ear stud just got color!
The glasses and the head wrapped like in a turban does everything to compliment her face!
This pink pixie doesn't need any description she's all there.
I find this a very interesting look indeed the Marilyn Monroe blond curls with the red rose and the rocker jacket with as many badges and the chain, a fantastic contrast! Very original!

The top hat with the purple flower looks elegant and theatrical!
"Twinkle twinkle little start on my glasses there you are"
There's the popular large flower that accessorize or H&M had in all season, looks great!
This is such an original hair creeper with the frutti di bosco, delightful!!
The little hat!
Neat piece of basketry woven earrings
The new-age Ethnic!

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