Thursday, January 13, 2011

Real Fashion Trends Milano!

"Chromatic Sensibility"

Chromatography in fashion is so essential, it relates to much more than a mere visual, its to do with the individual's emotion and self being and also how it affects people around at large maybe subtle but still consequential.

 Each one of these people making their identity with chromatics makes the streets so interestingly colorful that its a joy walking through them.

Its an interesting comparison between Milano (Italy) and Mumbai (India).

Cultural dressing in Italy was really not bright tones of solid primaries and infact India being the land of color the culture speaks color.

Specifically zooming into the two cities within the countries the roles of color in the fashion aspect have reversed, in Mumbai we see almost no colors popping up (except ofcourse the onscreen bollywood)  and Milan would have pockets full of color accents popping up. 
Color is so subjective yet has a loud audible voice.

Some of these people are color co-ordinated in sola chroma tones and others well balanced contrasts and accents.

To me color gets a smile to my face.

How about you? What does color do to/for you?

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