Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Designers are fine-tuners ?!

Very often I wonder where the originality emerges from? and I do have mixed views since I've absorbed two very different but grounded cultures. Both the Indian and the Italian cultures are so delightfully colorful that I'm always discovering something interesting or new. Its about the way these people do things.

My Indian origin and influence in the Indian design scene tells me of the fine-tuning work that this community is ever so good with, it could be called innovation or creation but a lot of it is just 'fine-tuning' the existent. Some do a great job with it and its much needed for the present market place and others maybe not so good but they could have a different market to cater to.

The Italians would do it the Italian way, since some innovate on the inspiration they get from cultures design or just space, there are a good lot that fall back on tradition! An easy example would be Dolce & Gabbana.
In the Indian scene of crafts and design its a need to convert a craft to design and that's where we come in and do all the fine-tuning business,  so its  polishing or re-inventing ma at different scales, ofcourse we'd have tons of examples to quote here.

I had this thought lingering in my head - over-hearing a lay man conversation while I was traveling a few days ago, 'This was the basic product (referring to a particular product), and what does a designer do? they just fine-tune it...' that little conversation stuck in my head and re-played and re-questioned itself..

Are designers really 'fine-tuners' ? What do you say?

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  1. ya sort of fine tuners.. but also lot of major tuners
    and lot of thm are tune breakers
    lot of thm r off tune
    lot of thm are instrument makers
    lot of thm are returners
    thr r some who r not audible at all
    some are silent
    some are scilance makers
    some are resigned from design totally
    ends up being re-designers