Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion is a phase? Fashion in phases? or Fashion phases?

Time and again I've tried to ask myself this and maybe some of you may have a similar question in mind, now the question is which one of them IS the question?

I think of that quite often, though I've been trained in fashion an hence the inclination and interest, probably some day I'll grow over it with the utmost ease or maybe even get sick of it.

Then the analogy pops up that fashion isn't just about the catwalks and the fashion capitals its also about the 'being' we grow with our fashion or it grows with us its about our experiences or feelings, moods and maybe at times circumstances and surroundings. So, fashion phases with us and we have fashion in phases for some it may phase with age, for others it may with moods or emotions; for me its a day-to-day reinvention of myself since I like change, its a stimulant.

How about you? How do you answer the questions? or which one do you choose?

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