Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Irony of Punk!

I didn't think I'd be seeing punks in a slick city like Milano but that's the best part there's such a developed diversity in the city that Punks too make their mark.

After my fascination of photographing the Punks at the Colonne di San Lorenzo and my amazement at how much trouble they'd taken to dress themselves up, I wanted to educate myself a little more on this fascinatingly crazy subculture.

Wikipedia tells me a little more than I knew of the their ideologies of nihilism and how it started in the mid-70's in the United states, UK and Australia.. well yes its made its way to other parts of Europe and the world too. It started ofcourse from a music form 'Punk Rock' which is now shortened to Punk.

Most punk rock songs are short, have simple and somewhat basic arrangements using relatively few chords, and they use lyrics that express punk values and ideologies ranging from the nihilism of the 'Sex Pistols' "No Future". Punk-related ideologies are mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views. Common punk viewpoints include anti-authoritarianism , a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not selling out.

The Punk subculture fashions are most distinctly the Mohawks and the piercings with ripped clothing held together with safety pins etc. they say its the uncared for look but to me its been paid the most attention of all!

The attention to detail, the well colored and arranged Mohawks are no 'I don't care how I dress' guy's look. The colors and the clothing are well chosen each making their own identity, hmm and all that costuming sure does cost quite a bit so its tough living off the streets like that.

Though I'd bumped into this one Punk guy several times around the city and the last time I met him his Mohawk had melted down and he was begging for cents, drunk. (the look sure needs maintenance)

Punks are know to be the angry guys around and the ones you'd rather not mess with, I was lucky to find quite a few friendly and some even shy punks re-inventing themselves. 
Another interesting fact on Italian punks is, their meeting points are outside churches which sounds quite queer, but that's where it is!

An adherent fan of the Sex pistols she's re-invented her Juden jacket!

Dr. Marten boots and tartan patched denims with a Juden jacket like from the Holocaust.
The dreads are interestingly treated and the piercings together, he develops yet another punk style.
Green drain-pipes and Dr. Martens with colored laces and a leather Jacket.
He really does have red lenses on, a teen punk at Colonne di San Lorenzo
Drain pipes with Skate shoes.
Pink and the piercings, the razors and body alterations form part of the punk style.
The razed nape of the neck is yet another style apart for the mohawk where the sides of the head are shaved.
 Punk Rock
The tartans, the boots and the beer!!
Leather clad punk at the Colonne with flaming red hair! Figa!
Laddered fish-nets darkened eyes exaggerated, toxic colored hair chains and accessories tartan skirt and the Dr. martens.
Razed Nape!
Re-locking the chains!
Torn Fish-nets with a colored base and converse.
This Pink pixie i think is fantastic, the style, the individuality and the attitude, she's worn it all!

The Mohawk Man! Classic image of a Punk!
 Same guy the following day re-invented!!
 Bondage Coat!!
Braided long locks, and the English Miss!

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