Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stile Milanese! (Milanese style)

“The dynamism & change are an inherent part of fashion” 

It’s hard to put down in words the ‘Milanese style’ per se cause one sees an array of styles and fashions in Milan. Of course the basic styles come from the cultural back drop of the ‘Italian Style’ but as a foreigner its not easy to tell the difference & nuances within the Italian style.

The "Stile Milanese" is comparatively sober and more researched for, but this also depends on where about the city one is. There would definitely be a marked difference between people at Via Ticinese and Via Montenapoleone.

I think what really makes these fashion cities so marked for fashion are the individual styles that people sport, and how much more individualistic each one wants to be which really gives rise to newer styles and identities.

The Milanese style does have class and taste apart from individualistic transgressive styles (involving a violation of accepted or imposed boundaries, esp. those of social acceptance)

Ragazzo Milanese (Duomo) 
The varying styles just down the street from the Piazza Duomo (the central square) is quite something.



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